The basic tracks have been recrded live in the studio in jam sessions.

Multiple styles can be heard: Rock, Funk, Soul, Instrumental, Drum & Bass, Psychedelic and Electronic. The music on "Resurrecting the Magus" is Jazz and Blues influenced and combines a wide range of styles with Pofters powerful and versatile voice. Exotic instruments like Oboe, Esraj, Kalimba, and Analog Synths can be heard on some tracks.


  1. 1.Sunrise

  2. 2.Dig This

  3. 3.Blue Moon Rising

  4. 4.Cosmopolitical Jungle Funk

  5. 5.Funk Me Up At The Duck

  6. 6.Capt. Future‘s Revenge

  7. 7.When The Nighttime Comes

  8. 8.Independance !

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