Claus Weyrauther

Keys, Synths & Sounds

Born in Wiesbaden, 23.04.1980

After early musical education at the age of four Claus learned to play the recorder (like it is usual …) and at the age of 8 to play the piano. At the age of eleven, playing the recorder was not that interesting anymore, so he started to learn playing the saxophone. He still kept learning an playing the piano but not only classical music, it was more and more jazz and modern music.

And he still keeps on playing and learning …

At present he is working as event technician and musician in the Staatstheater Wiesbaden.


die spielwiese (live organic electronic music)

Deine Bank (german HipHopPop)

Dubplate 48 (all-jamaican-style)

Various Jazz-Projects


a lot ...

but maybe the most:



Helge Schneider,


Jan Delay,

Massive Attack,


Nils Landgren,

Pink Floyd,

The Cinematic Orchestra

various Reggae Artists


Clavia Nord Stage

Macbook Pro, Cubase, Komplete, div. PlugIns

M-Audio Ozonic

Moto Ultralite MKIII Hybrid

and all the Keys&Syths of others ;-)

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