Claus Mager

Multi-Percussionist / Drummer

Born in1961 in Markdorf at the Lake of Constance.

After annoying my family on the obligatory cooking pots as a kid, I received my first education in rudimental drumming at the age of nine.

At eleven I got my first drum set and advanced to playing in various bands and orchestras as a teenager in southern Germany.

In 1987 and 1988, after touring in Germany with the Los Angeles New Age Jazz band Vital Voice, I went to the United States to immerse myself in it's music scene.

I stayed for 4 years in New York City, studying at the Drummer's Collective, one of the worlds renowned drum schools and playing with an array of bands, including such musicians as Diane Ponzio, Fred Wells (Cameo, Grace Jones), Al MacDowell (Ornette Coleman), Kenny Owens (Jose Feliciano), James Calloway (Rick James) and Frank Valdez (Percussion - Machito).

My friendship with Frank Valdez and the discovery of the New York Salsa scene led to my current fascination for Afro-Caribbean percussion.

In 1993, I returned to Germany, looking to use my acquired skills and passions. From Pop to R&B, from Blues to Big Band and from Funk to Latin, I found opportunities to play with a variety of bands and musicians who shared my enthusiasm for the kinds of music that interest me.

Since 2000 I work both live and in the studios as a multi-percussionist and have accompanied the Club/House-DJs Tito Heron & Karl Gonzales (Soleal-London), Paul Lomax (Amnesia & Jockey Club, Ibiza), Lenny Ibizarre (Chill-Out, Ibiza) as well as local German DJs. 

Recording Sessions with Pofter & the Allstar Syndicate since 2002.

I love the musical styles of R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz and especially the music of the Afro-Latino cultures and the sensual energy of its dances. For me, the emotion communicated through music is at least as important as the technique that delivers it.

As a teacher of drums and percussion, I try to motivate my students to listen, to have fun, and to dedicate themselves to their own passion for music and rhythm.


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